Do you want to be a pirate?


Hi everyone so my teacher told me and my classmates that we had to write 2 paragraphs about if we want to be a pirate and so here it is.

Being a pirate sounds so cool. I love to sail and I want to be rich. But being a pirate on a boat all day, every day would be really hard. Being on a pirate ship all day will make me sick! The boat would be bouncy and that would make me sick going up and down all day.

If I’m on a boat all day I would be pulling ropes and other heavy things like crates and barrels all day. My brother was a sailor on 2 tall ships and he told me that it is a lot of hard work. 

I do not want to wear ripped t-shirts and gold rings all day. It is not comfortable and really ugly. Wearing ripped t-shirts and gold ringings all day would not be cool at all.

I wonder if they ever see their families? And do they have families? What if they run out of food or water? How can I be a pirate when the winters are cold in Canada! 

You know when at one point in life you watched a pirate TV show and it looked so cool. But does it look cool? If pirates were real that would be cool or weird. 

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