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My Public Speaking Speech

Hi everyone,

I hope you had a great day and today I would like to show you my Public Speaking Speech so here it is…

Awww such a cute puppy! Okay… tail wagging… Check! Super fluffy fur… Check! I am ready to get petted.  STOP!  DO NOT TOUCH MY DOG! (wine like a dog when you say“oh man”)… once again my owner has to stop this wonderful experience from happening! (say “again” like you are annoyed)

Hello grade 4 students and Ms.M, I am Yulie and today I am with Fluffy the dog and today Fluffy will be taking you through A day in the life of a dog! 


Point 1: 

How do you think a dog’s morning begins? With a whole load of fluff and poop! Ok… let’s start from the beginning. Well, I would just be sleeping then suddenly… OH I NEED TO POOP. I leap through my doggy door and FREEDOM! I am outside. I do what I need to do and I’m off. And I don’t have to do anything. The humans serve ME! When I come back inside I go to my owners and I jump on their bed and start being very annoying like I would HOWL or I would bite and bark so they would have to get me FOOD! After FOOD I go on a walk and I love attention and getting pedid. Sometimes I see kids and I really want to get petted but probably my owner will ruin this moment (say “AGAIN” like you are annoyed). But what no she didn’t ruin it and I was very confused and I had a lot of questions like “Why did she not say STOP DO NOT TOUCH MY DOG or get mad?”


Point 2: When my owners go to work I go “INSANE”. I will run everywhere and jump on everything like on the sofa and the counter knocking everything in my way but my owners HATE when I do that so they poot every away. After I go INSANE I take a nape and then go INSANE again then take a nape again until my owners come back home. I finally realize why I am so busy… and it is because I AM STARVING! I only ate like 10 minutes ago. MY NEW MISSION – to find FOOD!! So I start with my nose to the ground and go everywhere to try to find FOOD. I check in the kitchen and pantry but no FOOD! Ugh there is no FOOD anywhere! So I just grabbed my food bowl and MAKE the biggest HOWL and wait for my owners to rescue me from my starvation!


Point 3:How do you think a puppy acts at night? CRAZY of course. At night I will go CRAZY like I will run everywhere and I will make a lot of noise. I will howl and bark because I’m soooo bored and there is nothing to do and no one is giving me the attention I deserve!! UGE WHAT DO I DO!!!! I could go to sleep naa what about just laying in bed (Nod your head when you say “Ya”) I should! So I just laid there and laid and laid entel BOOM I falled asleep. Some nights I just fall asleep instantly and no craziness. It is because I have gone on a long walk or ran a lot or maybe it was a crazy day but by the end of the day I fall asleep. I have a stuffy named Rocket man. He is a bird and I love to play with him and sleep with him. I wish I could bring him but he is shy. 


Conclusion: So this is A day in the life of a dog. 

But remember when you see a doggo, listen to the owner (even if we seem excited!) and always remember to leave tasty treats.

I did not get in to the finals or win but I silt has fun watching my friends win and writing this speech I hope you a great day and good bye!