How to make a cat float!!🐱🐈

Hi, I will tell you how to make a cat float!! 

  1. You need a lot of cardboard.
  2. You need some hot glow.
  3. You need some tape. 
  4. You need some cotton balls for the fur.
  5. You something for the wheels. 
  6. You need a marker and paper.
  7. You need some elastics.
  8. If you can get someone to help you with the building.

          Now we can start 

First you take the cardboard and cut it into 4 rectangles and 2 squares. Now we take the rectangles and the squares and make a 3D rectangular prism and hot glow it and then tap it. It will make the cat’s body. Now we cut 6 squares and then make a 3d cube for the head of the cat. 

Only hot glue it. Now we take the cardboard and cut the cardboard into 6 squares into a small cube and then you take the marker and make a nose and mouth for the cat.


Bull terriers

The Bull Terrier is a weird tip of dog it is mixed with a terrier and a bulldog .

The Bull terriers is a good dog!!!because they are small dogs but they are not like other small dog like the pomeranians they don’t borck so much but your kids have to  treat them nicely because they have a very hard bit.


 Bernese mountain dog