Animal Lover`s sience experiment for sound

Hello everybody,

Today we did a experiment for sound. We watched a video about the experiments.

I was in a group with two boy no girls but it was Okay. I worked on my collaboration skills with kids i wouldn’t work with normally. Here we are making the telephones:



Experiment 1 we made yogurt cup telephones it only sooooo weird! We had to attach different types of string to the cups to see if sounds travelled. It did a little bit but i think we need a better string and a quiet space to listen. Here are my friends trying the experiment.

We also made a model of the ear to see how sound travels to the brain.


Science Project

Hi I` m Animal Lover and I will be showing my Science project



How does light travel when it is being reflected?
Can I hit the bullseye target with my ray of light?
What would happen if I used multiple mirrors?

Hypothesis (what do I think will happen before my experiment and why do I think that?)

I think that if we had a lot of mirrors it would shine on each other.

What materials have I used

  • Mirror
  • Clay
  • Flashlight
  • Card

Procedure – What did I do (Step by step):


  1. I gathered my materials
  2. I set up my card with the clay
  3. I set up my mirror
  4. I shone my flashlight into the mirror to see how and where the light bounced off

Observations: (Explain what happened. What did you see? You can record a video, take a picture with labels, or write it out. Make sure you use keywords no matter what you choose)

Conclusion: (Was my hypothesis right? What happened and why?) 

My hypothesis was right, because when I shined the light on the mirrors and it shined on the bullseye.

How to make a cat float!!🐱🐈

Hi, I will tell you how to make a cat float!! 

  1. You need a lot of cardboard.
  2. You need some hot glow.
  3. You need some tape. 
  4. You need some cotton balls for the fur.
  5. You something for the wheels. 
  6. You need a marker and paper.
  7. You need some elastics.
  8. If you can get someone to help you with the building.

          Now we can start 

First you take the cardboard and cut it into 4 rectangles and 2 squares. Now we take the rectangles and the squares and make a 3D rectangular prism and hot glow it and then tap it. It will make the cat’s body. Now we cut 6 squares and then make a 3d cube for the head of the cat. 

Only hot glue it. Now we take the cardboard and cut the cardboard into 6 squares into a small cube and then you take the marker and make a nose and mouth for the cat.