Personal Response – Trip to Mexico

Hello my name  is Animal Lover and I will till you my  trip to Mexico.

Trip to Mexico

About 3 years ago I went to Mexico with my family. We drove to the Toronto airport in the middle of the day. When we got there we got checked in and we waited a long time before we got on the plane. When we went to the next airport it was crazy!!! The first crazy thing that happened was they lost my little brother’s stroller. So, my Mom asked the information desk where to go and they  sent her to the 2nd floor. There was security on the 2nd floor and he asked her why she was there and she told him that the guy at the information desk sent her.

Finally we got to Mexico!

On the first day we unpacked then we got food.In Mexico the food was great. I loved everything but my favourite was the Sushi and the dessert.

Over the next few days, me and family went to the beach. The water was salty and it was a really clean beach, it was lovely. I did some snorkeling but it didn’t work out! My mask kept getting salt water in. ERGH!

One afternoon, me and my family walked  to see dolphins. It was pretty close to the hotel. They were so cute and I got to pet them. When we were leaving, a dolphin wanted to come but it couldn’t come with us. I felt sad! They had such a small area to swim and there were many of them. I wished they had a bigger area.

The last few days were spent enjoying the beach and going for walks. 

Finally, we left Mexico. It was really fun and I miss Mexico.


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